Welcome to Business English UK

Business English UK is a national not-for-profit organisation formed by a group of leading training centres specialising in English and communication training for business and professional people worldwide.

As a national association, Business English UK provides consultation services to clients (both individual and corporations) who are seeking professional English and communication training in the UK; agents who wish to establish partnership with high quality business English providers and professional support to teachers who endeavour to further their professional career in the business and professional English field.

We work with governments and many professional bodies in over 22 countries to promote the UK's expertise in business and professional training English training.

Why the UK?

Every year thousands of professional people from all over the world come to the UK to improve their English language skills. The reasons are simple - the UK is the home of the English language and one of the most famous business centres in the world. Choosing to study business English in the UK means you can enjoy the very best quality learning experience whilst having the opportunity to meet new business contacts from all over the world.

The UK has the longest history and the widest experience in providing English and communication training for different industries and professions. From Aviation to Zoology, you can find a specialist programme for your specific needs within BusinessEnglishUK member centres.

If you are a Personnel or Training Manager - sending your employees on Business English courses can impact directly on the performance of your business, your personnel team - your success.

If you are an individual - taking a Business English course can help improve your own job performance and help build a successful future career.

Here are some of the most popular professional courses. 

Cambridge English for work


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    6 September 2013

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